Fèlix Martí and M'Bow

In 1984 when the UNESCO Centre was established, Catalonia's international relations were not yet considered a priority neither by the Catalan Government nor Catalan civil society. The UNESCO Centre aimed to contribute to opening up Catalan culture and language areas to international life and to be as present as possible in UNESCO.

The UNESCO Centre of Catalonia began modestly but grew until becoming a new international model of organisations that have official relations before UNESCO. The Catalan experience has been observed and copied by different countries, due the Centre's ability to develop UNESCO's programmes as part of a joint initiative between Paris and Barcelona.

Today, Catalonia's international relations and presence in organisations belonging to the United Nations family are a priority for the Catalan Government and Catalan civil society. The Centre is now, after a restructuring plan, resuming the task of spreading UNESCO's mandated fields and activities and ensuring the participation of Catalan society in Education, Culture, Science and Peace.