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New course on cultural diversity at the Catalan school of police


The Department of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity of UNESCO Centre of Catalonia is coordinating during the months of May and June a Seminar on Cultural Diversity organized by the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia (ISPC), within the framework of the Basic Training Course for Police in Catalonia 2011-2012, marked this year by the completion of the deployment of the Autonomous Police.

This seminar, directed to nearly a thousand students and future police officers, is to provide knowledge on some of the communities living in Catalonia, such as the Roma, Sudsaharian communities in Africa, Latin America and Morocco. The purpose of the seminar is the acquaintance with the cultural and social environment of these communities, and providing tools to improve communication and foster better intercultural diversity management. Unescocat has a long-standing experience of coordinating and implementing teaching sessions at ISPC, both through these kinds of seminars and other training, creation of materials and projects that fall within the scope of cultural, religious and human rights.

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