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Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Morocco


Today, 21 May, on the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, Unescocat joins the Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO and the Royal Institute for Tamazight Culture, to organize a seminar on the cultural and linguistic diversity of this country, which is a model of multicultural and multilingual diversity owint to its geographical location, and the contributions of Arab, Jewish and African cukltures. Participants are invited to reflect on the language settings of Morocco, now that the Tamazight has been recently made official next to Arabic, and on interactions among the various languages of the linguistic landscape of the country which also includes the presence of international languages such as French, Spanish or English.

The seminar will also be the occasion to present a Tamazight version of the the executive summary of the UNESCO World Report on Cultural Diversity, in tifinag writing, produced by organizers. Download here.

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